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The Shirt You Print On Is Critical

August 3, 2010

I have a client who ordered shirts for a fundraising campaign.  Here’s what she said about the choice of shirt decided to print on:

I must stay with the American Apparel track shirt!!!!! This is why so many people want more of the shirts! A friend’s husband changes into his every day after work…People want to live in them. I have to only allow myself to wear mine once a week, and I look forward to it!”

I think that comment should convince anyone that the quality of shirt you choose print on makes all the difference in the world.  Most often when clients inquire about t-shirts, they request the most inexpensive choice of shirt brand I carry.  Look, I don’t carry anything “cheap”, but I certainly have more economical selections available.  I must say, however, that a fantastic design printed on a poor-quality shirt is like a really good movie with a really bad soundtrack.  It lacks the entire package.  A good design and a good shirt go great together.

With all the money and creativity that clients put into t-shirts, it’s a shame that most of them end up being worn to paint the house or mow the lawn.  That fate keeps the t-shirt from doing its job, which is sending the message you wish to send.  An old graphic t-shirt with your logo on it, splashed with paint and grass stains probably isn’t sending the message you intended.

Make it your ambition to create someone’s favorite t-shirt.  You want them to wear it often.  You want it to become a part of their regular fashion statement.  One way to do that is to print on a shirt that physically feels good to wear.  It may be soft or fitted, or perhaps rugged or just the right color.  These qualities will keep a t-shirt around a lot longer, as it performs the task of spreading your message and reinforcing your brand.

Sure, American Apparel and Alternative Apparel can be expensive.  But, sometimes it’s absolutely worth it, since it could be the difference between people wearing your shirt in public, or throwing it on before going to bed.  There are some less-expensive alternatives, such as a Tultex, which still maintains a soft, fitted style.  Also, there are several interesting styles and textures that can make your shirt unique, such as heathered blends or v-necks.

If you have questions about the possibilities of your next graphic t-shirt, please contact me.


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